Knowledge is knowing fruits are good for health; wisdom is actually eating fruits daily.


Our story

This is a socially engineered healthy-living lifestyle concept initiated by the World Health Organization in 1990.

The sole objective of this personal healthcare empowerment and well-being initiative is geared towards encouraging the comity of nations to ensure that every living being, regardless of colour, ethnicity, creed, religion, or sex, are enlightened and given an enabling environment that would engender a healthy lifestyle;  through a basic minimum healthy dietary requirement that must include a serving of five portions (about 400g) of fruits and vegetables per day, that would fortify them against marauding diseases that could cut short , or significantly slow down their ability to function properly in their everyday lives.                                                                                     

Countries already participating in this novel healthy living sensitizing and incentivizing awareness campaign includes (but not limited to), France, Canada, Finland, South Africa, Japan, Norway, The United Kingdom (through the National Health Service)), Spain, Germany, New Zealand, The United States of America (through its Centre for Disease Control),  Australia, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, and Singapore.

It must be emphasized that these aforementioned countries cited herein, continuously reach out to their citizens through relentless health care campaigns, well-being workshops, healthy dietary choices seminars;                                                                                                                    

  stakeholders partnership and collaborative healthy lifestyle change initiatives, and several  other notable well-meaning strategic social health policies that would ultimately give rise to an over-arching healthy dietary culture that would inspire a movement that appreciate and fully understand that our long term functional survival solely depend on our ability to embrace a dietary lifestyle that involves eating 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetable per day, and a minimum of 30 minutes exercise each and every day of our lives, in order to keep the pharmacist on a leach, the doctor at bay, and the surgeon away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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The 5aday team does not have within its purview, to denigrate, malign, or advocate the subjugation of the roles of qualified Medical Practitioners in our everyday lives. People working across the board within the medical profession are our general health gate-keepers, they are usually the first responders when we fall ill, they are the trained professionals always there to proffer, proscribe and professionally prosecute a healing pathway whenever we feel beaten down by afflictions. We celebrate them, and would re-iterate the fact that we should always consult them when we need medical advice, as 5aday remains, and would always be an advisory well-being sensitizing project-and thereby absolving itself by formally disclaiming any other trajectory apart from what is herein stated as our sole objective.