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5aday in Schools

The youth of any nation defines the future of such a state. The importance of early-life education can never be over-emphasized, as it shapes their future, and dictate the value, depth and nation-building qualities that they would bring with them through adulthood and beyond.

We are constantly working with our stakeholders, principals, proprietors, and multi-level institutions across all levels in ensuring that our kids have the adequate dietary nutrition needed to be the best they can within their various walls of citadel of learning.

The 5aday team help sensitize, evaluate, and escalate individual school needs and help provoke a change narrative needed to implement a healthy eating and social lifestyle strategy that would ultimately excite an embracing culture that would help promote increased productivity, good health, better concentration, pivotal assimilation, and consequently help them excel more in schools, and help decrease and drastically banish the ugly incidence of illness related absenteeism in schools in general.

In our recent study, only about one-third of school attendees between the ages of 9-11years old met the healthy dietary recommendations, and sadly, in the same vein, about 85% of same did not meet the required threshold of a basic 5aday nutrition needed to stay fortified and fully insulated against the incidence of sporadic opportunistic diseases always on the rampage to wreak havoc on our youth.

Sticking to a diet rich in fruit and vegetable, often established in childhood and the child’s formative and kindergarten years, do help kids in the bigger world by empowering them with a healthy living regiment that can potentially make them a better person as they slowly step into the future.

Our ‘Fruits In Schools’ Initiative is the partnership and collaborative platform through which our numerous stakeholders, school principals, proprietors and school administrators can ask further questions bordering on fruit and vegetable supply to your school, and how easily we can help bring constant and  regular supply of same to your individual schools without fail.    

Let's eat.

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The 5aday team does not have within its purview, to denigrate, malign, or advocate the subjugation of the roles of qualified Medical Practitioners in our everyday lives. People working across the board within the medical profession are our general health gate-keepers, they are usually the first responders when we fall ill, they are the trained professionals always there to proffer, proscribe and professionally prosecute a healing pathway whenever we feel beaten down by afflictions. We celebrate them, and would re-iterate the fact that we should always consult them when we need medical advice, as 5aday remains, and would always be an advisory well-being sensitizing project-and thereby absolving itself by formally disclaiming any other trajectory apart from what is herein stated as our sole objective.