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Fruits in Schools Initiative

This is a collaborative partnership with school principals, proprietors, seasoned educators and elected policy makers, and stakeholders in the education, social and health sectors to help evolve and elevate the 5-a-day healthy living conversation in all institutions within the nation and the extended social community as a whole. Please do get in touch with us for further enquiries on how we can work together to make your school eat healthier, excel more, and concentrate better to become greater leaders of tomorrow.


The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension is a collaborative innovative initiative that helps adults and grown-ups to make better eating choices in order to prevent chronic heart diseases, including high blood pressure, dementia, heart attacks and premature deaths. For more questions and how to be a part of this healthy-living project, please do get in touch with us.

Eat Smart Initiative

This is a social incentivizing campaign targeting the youth and the grown up within our community and the corporate workspace. It is socially tooled and strategically engineered to constantly remind same about the risks involved in not eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, and the sterling need to imbibe this practice at places of work at all times in order to increase productivity, provoke more alignment to company’s ethical values, Corporate Social Responsibilty, which could consequently help in reducing illness and elongate mortality.


Leadership to Encourage Activity and Nutrition is an avant-garde initiative targeting the exercise-freaks and keep-fit enthusiasts, that seek to combine a mandatory 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetable each and every day , and a minimum of One-Hour physical activity every day to live healthily and extend their lifespan on mother earth.

Let's eat.

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The 5aday team does not have within its purview, to denigrate, malign, or advocate the subjugation of the roles of qualified Medical Practitioners in our everyday lives. People working across the board within the medical profession are our general health gate-keepers, they are usually the first responders when we fall ill, they are the trained professionals always there to proffer, proscribe and professionally prosecute a healing pathway whenever we feel beaten down by afflictions. We celebrate them, and would re-iterate the fact that we should always consult them when we need medical advice, as 5aday remains, and would always be an advisory well-being sensitizing project-and thereby absolving itself by formally disclaiming any other trajectory apart from what is herein stated as our sole objective.