Libido-Boosting Combo


Avocado: 10 pieces
Red Wine: 1 bottle
Bananas: 3 bunches
Dark chocolate: 2 wraps
Oranges: 10 pieces
Blueberry: 1 pack
Spinach: 1 bunch
Watermelon: 2 large pieces
Sweet Potatoes: 10 pieces
Mackerel: 5 pieces
5aday Oats: 2kg
5aday Groundnut: 1 bottle
5aday Cashew Nuts: 1 bottle
5aday Walnuts: 2 packs
5aday Ginger: 2 packs
5aday Garlic: 2 packs
5aday Pumpkin Seeds: 4 pouches
5aday Almonds: 4 pouches
5aday Green Tea: 4 pouches


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