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Why 5aday?

Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. None have cholesterol.

Our mission statement is enshrined in our daily pursuit of unalloyed excellence that is wholly poised to inspire, engage, educate, enable, and elevate a healthy lifestyle consciousness that would ultimately help energize a process that could trigger and help initiate an incredibly authentic sense of empowerment amongst Nigerians savvy enough to key into our avant-garde healthy living project.

It is an open secret that eating loads of unhealthy foods can mean more work for your heart, kidneys, arteries, and lungs, which might consequently lead to a complete breakdown of these organs, thereby significantly leaving you out of pocket, possibly bed-ridden for a considerable period of time, or in some cases, herald some forms of debilitating diseases such as some forms of cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension,  bronchitis, heart failure, renal failure, kidney failure, liver failure,  chronic heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and so on,  which could sometime prove very fatal.

Our 5aday initiative is strategically designed to help the teeming Nigerian populace achieve their intrinsic healthy eating potential through an infusion of evolving enlightenment programs that could help in recalibrating and steady an already flagging and irresponsive dietary choices we often revel in, with a firmer healthy eating foundation that has all the necessary nutritional ingredients our body and soul needs to function well in a stressfully challenging everyday living environment.

The 5aday awareness project helps in accentuating, sensitizing, endearing, and engendering an existentially enduring conversation focused on the community’s well-being, health care needs, top-to-bottom supplementary nutritional needs, and lifestyle changes that could significantly increase mortality and drastically reduce the heart-wrenching scourge of chronic diseases borne out of bad dietary choices over time, in its entirety.

Embracing a 5aday routine help propel a continuous narrative that fully emphasize a healthy lifestyle-change social discourse that is laser focused on making eating and embracing healthy foods part of our everyday dietary necessity, as this has the potential of helping to create an enabling environment where eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each and every day is socially supported, easily adopted, and nutritionally espoused as the new normal, and the surest way of staying alive, and living a reasonably  fortified and well insulated disease-free existence we all crave for in our individual lives.


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The 5aday team does not have within its purview, to denigrate, malign, or advocate the subjugation of the roles of qualified Medical Practitioners in our everyday lives. People working across the board within the medical profession are our general health gate-keepers, they are usually the first responders when we fall ill, they are the trained professionals always there to proffer, proscribe and professionally prosecute a healing pathway whenever we feel beaten down by afflictions. We celebrate them, and would re-iterate the fact that we should always consult them when we need medical advice, as 5aday remains, and would always be an advisory well-being sensitizing project-and thereby absolving itself by formally disclaiming any other trajectory apart from what is herein stated as our sole objective.